About Us

mal-sup-surfboard-products-blue-sea-watersportsI started Blue Sea Watersports in 2012 after I became frustrated by working with other Chinese factories for 8 years as an agent. My goals with BSW from day one has been to deliver top quality surfcraft, provide great customer service and create a factory environment where people are acknowledged for their contributions and are happy to come to work (this has resulted in us being able to keep a low turnover of our workers resulting in a highly skilled workforce). Our main premises is a 5500 sq m factory located in Huizhou, 1 hour north from Shenzhen and 30 mins drive from some of China’s best waves where we frequently visit for R & D. We welcome our clients to come and visit us and let us show you around this beautiful part of china, we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.” John “Bosch” Atkins, Owner Blue Sea Watersports.


Key Contacts

John “Bosch” Atkins – Owner/Shaper/QC

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Born and raised in New Zealand, Bosch began surfing at age 13 and by 1973 at the ripe old age of 21, had already started his own surfboard factory. Grey Seal surfboards went on to become one of New Zealands top surfboard brands in the 70’s with legend shapers Allan Byrne and Rod Dahlberg both doing stints there before moving to Australia. Bosch went on to work with Allan Byrne and numerous other big name manufacturers in Australia making boards for some the worlds top surfers. Realising that the future of surfboard manufacturing lay in Asia, Bosch was an early mover and relocated to China in 2004. He set up a trading company and began making boards for foreign clients. After 8 years making boards in China, Bosch had acquired the knowledge, experience and contacts to be able to legally build and run his own factory in China, exactly the way he wanted and without any local partners involved. Bosch is not the typical CEO, he is fully hands on and you will find him in the factory day in-day out getting his hands dirty, shaping, sanding, glassing, polishing, QC’ing and training the staff.





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We host regular beach days for our employees where we take them Surfing and SUP’ing, giving them an opportunity to test our products and help them understand further how and why the boards work.


Environmental Responsibility

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We are fully environmentally compliment and have the Chinese government environmental tick of approval. We have recently installed a top of the line air filtration system for the whole factory and all of our workers are provided with appropriate safety gear. We are actively working with clients and local manufacturers on developing eco friendly board technology.